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Custom Furniture Design and Manufacturing

Architects and Interior Designers for years, have created furnishings for their clients. Their vision of appropriateness, function and style have oftentimes left them few options other than the fabrication of custom furniture to their designs and while doing so, creating unique objects of extraordinary quality.Therien & Co. and Studio Workshops, have over the years, helped designers realize their objectives for custom design and furnishings through their studio facilities and workshops.

Custom Furniture Design and ManufacturingCustom Furniture Design20th century Furniture Design
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Many clients initially consult with us about the feasibility of their own concepts and will then proceed in commissioning us to develop accurate scale drawings and perspectives of the piece, which usually results in requests for working drawings and specifications suitable for execution by their own or Therien's workshops.Each step of the process involves the client's participation according to their expectations.

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